Universal Rolling Code, Fixed Code, Learning Code, Keeloq Code Hopping 4-Channel Remote Control 433.92 MHz

The Multi RC is a cutting edge, long range, rolling code, fixed code, copy/learn code 4-channel remote control which can be programmed from your original brand remote control. Easy programming instructions are included.  The Multi RC remote control is a great replacement for many of the most popular remotes used for Cars, Garage Doors, Gate Doors, Alarm Systems, Roller Shutters etc. Details of the supported codes are listed below. 


1.Sliding cover to prevent inadvertent pressing of the buttons
2.Material: High quality metal and PVC
3.Encoding type:Fixed code/learning code/rolling code
4.High stability:Adopting imported SMT component SAW and super high frequency   audion(6.5G)
Main Technical Data:
1.Operating voltage: DC6v
2.Operating Current: <=12mA
3.Operation frequency: 433.92 MHz
4.Transmit Power: >=10mW
5.Transmission speed: 50-60KHz
6.Frequency windage: ±0.2MHz
7.Transmission distance: 100 meters (open space)


Compatible Code Details:
Fixed Code: SC2260; SC2262, HS2260, HS2262; PT2264, 5326 all manufacturers
Learning Code: HS1527, HS2240, HT6P20B, HT6P20D all manufacturers 
Rolling or Hopping Code: HCS301, HCS300, HCS101, HCS200\HCS201 (Parts of code)
Copy Code: Can copy all the fixed code & learning code from all manufactures.
1x Rolling/Fixed/Learning Code Remote Control
Battery and key ring included
Distance: Up to 100 meters