V2 TRC / TRC4 / TXC / TSC / Handy / Phoenix Self Learning Replacement Remote Control Fob 433.92 MHz Rolling Code

The Tec-Multi is a cutting edge, self-learning, 4-channel rolling code remote control which can be used as an additional or replacement remote for your V2 systems. This is a great value, high quality replacement if you have lost or damaged you original or just need an additional remote for a family member or friend.


Programming Instructions:


Please see this link for easy programming video:


1-- Clear out factory code:

Press the LOCK button and the UNLOCK button at the same time. After 2 seconds, the LED will flash 3 times. Keep pressing the LOCK button and release the UNLOCK button, then press the UNLOCK button 3 times. The LED will flash quickly confirming that the factory code has been deleted successfully.


2-- Copy code from your original remote:

Take the original remote controller by your left hand, and the duplicating remote controller on the right hand. Place them head to head or side by side and press the two buttons at the same time (one is from original remote controller, one is from duplicating remote controller ). After 3 seconds, it will flash then stop. This means the duplicating remote controller's LOCK BUTTON has learned the code from the original remote controller button. To program other button, follow the same process.


3-- Recover a lost code

When you have copied the code from original remote controller, but accidentally clear it out,you can recover it by press the last two buttons (not the LOCK and UNLOCK button) at the same time. After about three seconds, the LET will flash 3 times. This confirms the lost code has been re-learned. 



1x 433.92 MHz Rolling Code remote control for V2

Battery and Key Chain included

Distance: Up to 100 meters